Friday, June 3, 2011

The first step is taking off your Rollerblades...

Imma cheat a little and copypasta from my Nerd Fitness Challenge thread again lol.

 SO. I was just chilling and blading around the lake when I noticed SOMEONE WAS HOOPING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAWN! So. What did I do? I stopped and stumbled over in my Blades and talked to her about it. This is the first time that I have ever seen a live hooman hooping. Youtube videos are great... but you can't really talk to them without looking crazy. So I told her I have been watching videos and have been wanting to learn and what did she say to me?

"Well. The first step is taking off your rollerblades."

SO! Then and there I had MY FIRST HOOPING LESSON!!! And I sucked. HAHA! But she said she did too at first. But with practice I would get the hang of it. I LOVED IT THOUGH! So that made me super excited. And she taught me how to make my own hoop. PUMPED!

And to think.. me 8 weeks ago would never have even stopped to talk to her. I would have just watched out of the corner of my eye wistfully. But I am so glad I did!!!

So I am going to expand on this a little more cause it's my blog and I can. 

I think it is important for people to understand how much this is something I never would have done before. I used to be a "shy" person in the sense that I never talked to people I didn't know. And if you knew me that would confuse the hell out of you cause you would think I am the least shy person ever. But the last month or so I have really opened up. I mean, what's the worst that can happen when you go talk to someone? They look at you like you're creepy and walk away? And if you walk up to someone doing something they enjoy and ASK THEM TO TALK ABOUT IT... well ten to one... they are going to love the opportunity to talk about it. And you might make a new friend out of the deal. So. When I saw a hooman hooping... well stumbled over and asked her about it. And she gave me my first lesson right then and there. 

It reminds me of the other post I posted. The !!!JUST DO IT!!! post. I mean really, the only thing that was stopping me was my blades. It seemed like such a simple response. 

First step is taking off your rollerblades. 
Or putting on your shoes.
Or getting out of bed.
Just doing it. 


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