Pumped. This will be super great for me to do, cause despite what Kung Fu Panda tries to teach... I don't think there can be a fat ninja... I will actually have people to keep me accountable and I will have to stick to it!!! I am really excited. I hope this excitement doesn't die when I wake up Tuesday morning lol. 

I don't know really what to put here so I am going to model mine after spezzy's a little. 

vital stats

Age- 22 (but the 12th will be 4 DAYS BEFORE MY 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!)
Height- 5'9" (I still think I am 5'8 1/2" but I was standing back to back with someone that is 5'8" and they SWEAR I am 5'9")
Weight: Most current weigh-in (on Tuesday the 24th) was 182... I unfortunately think I have gained a few pounds since then... I have been un-Paleo and not working out at all this week...)

starting picture
well. I am actually not entirely sure how to get a picture here...


well. Since I have not been eating well or working out in the last week or so... I feel kind of roly poly. Also, I haven't been as motivated to do much. And more tired and depressed. So. I need to get back on track...

Eat breakfast!
I have been slacking at this hardcore. And I am not right if I don't eat breakfast.

No more Java Monsters/Super Sweet Coffee Drinks
I don't drink regular Monsters so it's not like that's a challenge. But I need to get back to my only black coffee drinking. There is so much sugar and dairy in those other drinks. Le sigh.

Cut out 97% of sugar
Obviously I am going to need to splurge every now and then... but splurge needs to not be a whole bag of Pixy Sticks. Or 3 servings of ice cream. With sprinkles and whipped cream and candy pieces. 

No drinking
Except for super special occasions (Like my friend's wedding on the 5th...which I am a personal attendant in). And when I do I am going to try to stick with as Paleo as I can. 

Learn to do a Pull-up
First step being... well being able to do a chin-up. This would require me to actually put up the pull-up bar that has been sitting in my car for over a week now...

Strength train workout 3 times a week
I gave up doing Steve's Beginner's Body Weight workout the last couple weeks. I need to get back to doing it.

I have been slacking with this too. I want to be able to run 3 miles. I really want to be able to run 3 miles running a less than 10 min mile for each of those miles. I bought fancy running shoes... I should probably make them worth it... And... How can I be a ninja if I can't run?!

Find a place to live
This isn't so much a goal as a necessity. I have to move out of where I am living on July 9th. So obviously I have to find a place to live before then. I want to find a place I can stay for a year. I am sick of moving.


Dude. Ya'll. I am so freaking sick of being broke all the time and having no money for anything ever. Fail. I need to make a budget and actually stick to it.... Plus, if I actually am going to sign a lease on my own for my own apt for the first time EVER I need to be able to afford it. I have always just rented a room in a house/apt from someone and never actually lived in my own place so I have always had some leeway in my bills. I have pretty much been spoiled by that and literally live paycheck to paycheck with zero dollars by the Monday after I get paid (on Friday). Lamesauce. Shame on me.

Take a random class
Whether it be a one time random art class at the local art center. Or do a hooping class. Or belly dancing. I just want to do something random and maybe learn something new!

Get to sleep on time/wake up on time
Adding this in. I need to be in bed by 11pm. Lights off and everything. I need to be out of bed... even if I am sitting on the floor in my room... just not in my bed, by 8 am. No more not getting out of bed till like 10:30... lamesauce. 

I think that's about it. LET'S GO!!!