Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 Week Challenge Summary

So this is almost word for word from my Nerd Fitness page... But most of you are not on there and don't know what I was initially doing, I guess? But I was doing the 6 week Operation Slim Down sort of greatest contest in the history of the world? I am not entirely sure. The last 6 weeks have been an amazing transformation for me... so regardless of whether I win "a challenge" or not... I feel like I have won hardcore.

I started this 6 weeks at 199 lbs. I agreed to eat Paleo and do Steve's Beginner Body Weight Workout. With cardio mixed in on the off days. I mostly just wanted to stick with something for once in my life. I wanted to show myself and everyone else... well that I can do it Gosh Damnit. Yes. I missed days of working out. Yes, I cheated my Paleo some. But about 2 weeks into my Paleo... I decided that this was defintely not something that I was going to be doing for 6 weeks. Nope. This is a lifestyle change. I want to be healthy...not for six weeks.. but I want to always be healthy.

As far as exercise goals... well I wanted the same. I wanted to be able to climb 4 flights of stairs and not be out of breath. I wanted to be able to walk a few miles without dying. I wanted to be able to carry my groceries in on one trip and not two or three cause I was too weak to carry them all in at once... When I started I could barely do one circuit of the workout. I started using a basket at the grocery store instead of a cart. I started running. And what do you know? I can do all 3 circuits now. I can do 3 "real" pushups where I used to barely be able to do 3 "girl" pushups. I can carry all my groceries in now. I can run 2 miles without dying. I can walk over 4 miles and not even think about it. I feel proud of myself. Not to mention.. at my most recent weigh in.. I am at 182 lbs. My lowest the last 6 weeks was 178. So at 182 thats a 17 lbs lost. SEVENTEEN!!! I am down almost 3 pant sizes. 

I also accomplished a lot of things I always postponed. I conquered my fear of bridges. I went to celebrAsian by myself. I FINALLY bought hamsters and LOVE THEM! I got more involved with my church. I started doing things for other people instead of always focusing on myself. I have more confidence and more of a sense of independence. I realized that I CAN DO IT! As simple a concept as it seems... I finally understood that the only thing that was standing in my way before... well was me. And now I can do anything I put my mind to. 

I seriously am a different person than I was 6 weeks ago. And people all around me have noticed. I am more of a joy to be around. I am more professional at work. I am more positive. I don't let things get me down as much. Not too mention... they have noticed that I am starting to look amazing. Cause at almost 5'9... 182 is not bad at all... I will post a before and after picture as soon as I can just so you all can see the physical difference.

So. Did I win the greatest contest ever in the history of the world? Maybe not. But did I win a total life/body transformation? Hell yeah. And that's bi-winning to me. And I didn't need any tigers blood. Just the eye of the tiger :P

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