Sunday, May 15, 2011



Ok, so this week has been bad for me both Paleo-wise and workout wise. I had pasta one day. And I had eggrolls and crab rangoons and other Asian-y non-Paleo foods. BUT. I did walk over 4 miles one day...


I went to celebrAsian. It's on my List of Impossible Things. Alright. So I only put it on there knowing that if I didn't and couldn't find anyone to go with me.. I wouldn't go. BUT I DID! And I am glad that I did. It was gloriously fun. I had a blast.


This week... I need to get back on track.
GOAL: Do my BW workout 3 times. Run 2 miles at least once. NO MORE JAVA MONSTERS >.< And try to  not cheat my Paleo.

Wish me luck!!!

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