Sunday, May 8, 2011

The List That Started It All

So. There is this guy. His name is Joel Runyon. And he does impossible things and blogs about them. He inspires  people to do their own impossible things. Seriously I encourage you to look up his stuff. He knows what he is talking about. After talking to him and reading his articles, along with Steve Kamb's and reading both of Timothy Ferriss' books, I got inspired to make a lifestyle change. I am now eating Paleo, and not just for a 6 week challenge. I am eating Paleo for the rest of my life. I also workout. A lot. And I enjoy it. I have lost a decent amount of weight at this point. 20+ lbs in 3 weeks. And I feel great. I have more energy. I am more positive. Most the time. And this is my journey. I am going to write in this blog every Sunday and more times if I can.

This is my introduction. This is where I tell you about who I am and what my goals are... And kind of what my purpose is in writing in this thing.

I am Andrea Doubleday. I live in Iowa. I work a M-F 8-5 job that I actually don't hate. I am a telemarketer and I actually love my job. I talk on a phone all day and sell people things. And I do love sell things. I don't know for sure if I want to go back to school or not. I think I am going to see where life takes me. I am on a crazy journey and I don't know where it is going. I am very much a Christian, which will be brought up a lot in this blog. The title is All Things Are Possible, because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And His strength is going to be needed as I go on this journey.

Something Joel Runyon asks when you sign up for his email series (1 week to impossible) is "Why"? It's the first thing he asks actually. Why? Why did I decide to go on this crazy lifestyle change? Why do I keep getting motivated? Why do I pass up chocolate muffins when they are being offered to me? Well first. I love a good challenge. You tell me I can't do something and I will try and try to get it done even more. Second. I feel like I need to DO something with my life. My life was always in this rut. I would complain and complain about how boring my life was. How I was sick of the way things were going. And then I would do nothing about it. I finally got stuck... My life was really going no where. And everything was starting to crumble down. I knew that I needed to do something. This is what I decided to do. Third. I got dumped. And I realized that I was putting everything into something that I never knew for sure that would be for sure. I put too much effort into that. I needed some healthy place to put my energy and heartache. So I put into making my life better. Finding out what God wants for my life.  Being content in my singleness and being complete and happy with myself. I don't want to find someone that completes me. I want to be complete and find someone that just makes my life AWESOME!!! Hopefully that makes sense.

Here is my list of impossible things.
Take a look and till next week, adios!
My List of Impssible Things

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